Surprise Marriage Proposal at The Royal Hawaiian Hotel Waikiki

WAIKIKI PROPOSAL PHOTOGRAPHER – Surprise Marriage Proposal at The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, a Luxury Collection Resort, Waikiki.

Flower arrangements and proposal photos by Right Frame Photography.

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Michael and Diane’s review:
Right Frame Photography, Oahu Proposals, Ania and Radek are all top-notch. I proposed to my now-fiancée on Valentine’s Day weekend 2021 with only one week of notice to Ania and Radek, because my fiancée was unsure of traveling to the islands during the pandemic and only booked the flight one week before the trip. I was already on the island for a medical school rotation on Pearl Harbor, and so I emailed Oahu Proposals on the Saturday I found out she booked her flight (after finding out about them through their Instagram page which I found on my explore page). I included in this email my idea to hold the proposal on a beach that was not listed on the Oahu Proposal website under the Surprise Beach package (Ka’a’awa Beach), to gauge whether this would be possible.

Ania got back to me on Sunday, for a proposal date that I suggested I wanted to be on Friday 5 days later. In her email, she let me know that my initial proposal site of Ka’a’awa Beach may not be the best idea because the sandy portion of the beach is so narrow and it is not quite what it looks on internet pictures. I went to the site myself and found everything Ania told me to be exactly true. Ania told me they were certainly still open to other ideas, and thus I suggested the Royal Hawaiian Hotel’s courtyard on Waikiki instead. Ania said they could definitely work with this option and emailed their HR department right away, as well as gave me a detailed description of all of the photography, videography, and additional add-on options available to me with a specific price quote for the package I requested.

When Royal Hawaiian didn’t get back to us in 2 days, I went to the hotel myself to confirm with them in-person that I could do a proposal on their site after booking a room there for the night of the proposal, and luckily they had said they would get back to me on email after my first visit to them and confirmed yes on my second visit a day later. By then, the proposal date I wanted of Friday of Valentine’s Day weekend was already the next day! Despite the last-minute nature of this whole scenario, however, Ania and Radek maintained constant communication with me and let me know that they were still available for the proposal the next day. I sent them a picture of the Royal Hawaiian courtyard site, how I wanted the pictures to look, and where I wanted Radek to be placed to take the photos incognito without my fiancée noticing.

Ania and Radek emailed and texted back right away confirming all of the above, and we were set for the actual proposal. Radek got to the site 30 minutes before the proposal to set up all the props I requested including the triple-sized heart, and it looked perfect. When I brought my fiancée to the site and got down on one knee, she had no idea Radek was even there taking photos. Radek captured the actual proposal perfectly, as well as spent an additional hour with us remaking the actual proposal as well as telling us with clear direction how to positions ourselves for so many different photos and styles all throughout the Royal Hawaiian grounds as well.

The photos looked perfect. I am so happy I spent the additional money to purchase the additional hour of photography, because the entire set looked exactly how I wanted them to look. Radek took us to all of the areas in the Royal Hawaiian lobby that I wanted to take pictures, and we got dozens of high-quality photos that captured this beautiful moment for myself and my fiancée in such a way that we can cherish it forever. We received the photos 48 hours later with a download set and link that all our friends and family were able to view with ease.

Overall, Ania and Radek provided such an incredible experience that my fiancée and I will remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you Right Frame Photography, (as Waikiki Proposal Photographer) and Oahu Proposals!
Michael & Dianne